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Cap'n Pete

That's it. I'm sold...and feeling slightly nostalgic. No one really reads my blog so this won't be landing you many hits but I'm going to, if it's alright with you blog roll you. It will be more for my own one click convenience. These are great.

Dylan Trigg

“The Zone, then, is not nature, but a way of experiencing the strangeness of the other person, of welcoming the other person as the unknown.”

This is no doubt true: the Zone is the apotheosis of nihilism, a space in which timidity takes precedence over desire. They wait, abated by the need to be resolute, but equally compelled to be left “holding out into the nothing”, to paraphrase Heidegger. Anxiety, their groundless pleasure. But the essential materialism of the travellers in Tarkovsky’s films, their brutal facticity, are there not only to enforce a sense of the mere unknown – as though the I and Thou was dichotomized – but rather to introduce an seductive homeliness in which the centre is removed, as that of the uncanny. He wants us to place ourselves in the stream, to situate ourselves in the familiar unfamiliarity of the Italian fog (in Nostalgia), as de Chirico might have in one his melancholy landscapes. The demise is protracted, the shadows linger after their time. Relics, they go on. But only here as objects severed from their context until at last only the absent centre remains.

A similar thought is presented in relation to both Tarkovsky and the Georgian composer Kancheli here:



Thanks Dylan for those thoughts, which I will think about and perhaps respond to, and also for the reference to your article. I remember being referred to your impressive website from wood s lot and from spike and I must order your book for our library.

Dylan Trigg

Ah yes, well the book ought to be out by the end of the year so don't order it just yet, publishers huh...

Your blog is an exception however: you have something to say and your concern to say it with poetic clarity is admirable.

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