This 'About' page now covers three different blogs, Spurious (2003-, Wittgenstein Jr (2011-14) and Nietzsche and the Burbs (2014-). They are written by Lars Iyer (

The first blog, Spurious, has been the springboard for three novels, Spurious (2011), Dogma (2012) and Exodus (2013), published by Melville House. I now use the blog for news updates and quotations.

The second blog, Wittgenstein Jr, consisted of notes towards a novel, which is now forthcoming from Melville House in September 2014. Wittgenstein Jr is set at Cambridge University. The titular character is a contemporary re-imagining of the real Wittgenstein.

The third blog, Nietzsche and the Burbs, will, I hope lead to a novel with a similar name. But that's a long way off...

The picture at the top of the blog is by William Hundley.

This blog is not linked to any academic institution.

My twitter i.d. is UtterlySpurious.