This 'About' page now covers three different blogs, Spurious (2003-, Wittgenstein Jr (2011-14) and Nietzsche and the Burbs (2014-). They are written by Lars Iyer (

The first blog, Spurious, has been the springboard for three novels, Spurious (2011), Dogma (2012) and Exodus (2013), published by Melville House. I now use the blog for news updates and quotations.

The second blog, Wittgenstein Jr, consisted of notes towards a novel of the same name, published by from Melville House in September 2014. Wittgenstein Jr is set at Cambridge University. The titular character is a contemporary re-imagining of the real Wittgenstein.

The third blog, Nietzsche and the Burbs, will, I hope lead to a novel with the same name.

The picture at the top of the blog is by William Hundley.

This blog is not linked to any academic institution.

My twitter i.d. is UtterlySpurious.